Our goals in Sunday School this year are:


  • For kids to have fun with their friends at church
  • To help kids get to know God’s love through scripture
  • To give kids an opportunity to serve others


We are offer Sunday School times that align with our church services. After the children's message, children whose families choose to have them attend Sunday School during service will head to the Education Wing with our Children's Ministry team.


Sunday School will be geared toward children in preschool through 4th grade. Middle schoolers are encouraged to join in as helpers and role models, bringing their enthusiasm for God’s Word to the younger students. High school students also play an important role as dedicated volunteers.


Children who attend church online or remain in church will have an opportunity to access the same lesson materials to do with their families in church or at home. 


To make it easier for your family on Sunday morning, stop by the welcome table before service and a member of our team will help your kids get checked-in. You are asked to remain in the building during Sunday School. 



What if I want to worship as a family for the entire service?
Why do we have Sunday School during service instead of a Sunday School hour?
What process will my family go through to check my kids in?



We love kids in church! If your toddler needs a place to burn off energy, our toddler area lets you enjoy service while letting them play!





Half-way down the hall towards the Education Wing is our Mother's Room. Feel free to use that room to nurse or change a little one.